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Friday, March 04, 2005
California Highway 190 between Furnace Creek and Death Valley Junction remains closed due to severe flood damage according to the Death Valley site of the National Park Service. The New York Times reports today on the 'the bloom of the century. The wildflower boom this year began in early February, as much as two months sooner than in normal years. As the early spring moves into the national park, the southern part of Death Valley, much of which is below sea level, is awash in a sea of flowers...... The sheer surrealism of Death Valley's current appearance is overwhelming.'

Meanwhile in Europe, Der Tagesspiegel reports on Siena, Florence and Genua covered with snow. Spain is experiencing a cold wave unlike anything in the last 50 years. In Kent British soldiers had to help hospital staff get to work because normal cars couldn't handle the streets after heavy snow falls.

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