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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Early next month the World Cup kicks off in Germany. It's splendid being in Germany whenever a World Cup is on because it is the one time you have the shops, public transportation and most of all parking for yourself. When you arrive somewhere in the middle of the day and are not confronted with the usual crowds, you realize Germany is probably playing. It is quite literally the only thing people talk about. Even salespeople will chirp in with small talk on who might be winning or complain about being stuck in an empty shop when there is something more important to do. This Bud's Not for the World Cup at brings together Germany, the world's most loved game, beer and corporate America. It's a hoot.

I can let you know whenever there's a game on. My son (9) is absolutely gaga about the World Cup and I know he'll watch every game. But he's playing baseball, too, so I don't mind. ;-)
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