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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
SPC Agustin Aguayo, the conscientious objector still based in Germany, has received orders to return to Iraq on August 28th. Thanks to generous donations to his legal defense fund, Aguayo's case was heard before U.S District Judge Sullivan in Washington, D.C. It was learned yesterday that in a redistribution of work load, the case has been passed to a different Judge: Royce C. Lamberth. In any case a ruling will be handed down, however, it cannot be speeded up. His lawyers plan to ask for a temporary restraining order (TPO) to prevent Aguayo from being shipped out, but there is no guarantee the judge will grant this.

Aguayo served a year in Iraq as an Army medic. Most of the delay in his case was caused by the US Army not following its own system for handling CO cases. Concerned citizens can write letters to members of Congress asking for Aguayo to be left at his base in Germany until Judge Lamberth rules. Input from California (Aguayo's home state) voters is especially welcomed. Since Congress is in recess till Sept. 5th, all faxes and letters should be sent to home state offices. Address can be found at

More background on his case can be found at

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