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Wednesday, November 05, 2008
An email to friends at 8:30 am today: Since 3 am we have sat stunned in front of the TV watching the returns on CNN. I feel like a flat tire ---- all the air is out. It was beautiful watching Ohio, PA, and Florida turn blue. It was so emotional seeing the Obama and Biden families together on stage in Chicago. We just went into the NY Times web and switched on the maps of all the elections since 1992. It's amazing how the country has changed colors. Jon called from Philadelphia at 5:30 to let us know everyone was out on the streets celebrating. Perhaps because we watched the result in the dead of night, we had the feeling of the world being turned upside down. The beginning of the end of an eight year nightmare.

A reply from a close friend in West Chester, PA this afternoon: It was awesome to say the least, watching the states flip. I had tears in my eyes watching Obama's speech in Grant Park, it was so amazing and moving. Obama and Biden have their work cut out for them and I do not envy them their job but I really do believe they are up to it with bi-partisan cooperation from Congress. I am finishing my pot of coffee, cause your right, the wind is gone out of my sails and they are flat from the shear exhaustion of it all (not to mention the Phillies last week winning the World Series in baseball! What a ride.) Chester County went for Barack in a big way --- a first! I am proud of my county and state this year. The turnout at the polls was amazing. We have 1450 voters in our precinct, I was #944 at 4:15, they had 100 absentee ballots and only 400 left to vote with four more hours to go. When I left, they were still streaming in at a steady pace. Obama got a mandate, so much more than Bush's supposed mandate 8 and 4 years ago.

In fact almost 85% of the 1479 registered voters in Chester County precinct cast a ballot according to an official email sent out later. Obama defeated McCain 633 to 600, even though Republicans outnumber Dems by almost 2 to 1. In the county Obama won 9 points. By comparison in 2004 Kerry lost by four points and in 2000 Gore lost by 10 points.

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