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Saturday, February 28, 2009
Taking time off for complex spine surgery on Monday in Hamburg's largest and newest hospital in Eppendorf means little to no posting in the coming month. One aspect of being confined to the house for months on end, unable to simply go out for a walk or anywhere on your own is how much your personality changes. You get to notice a side to yourself that isn't necessarily a nice one. You become angry and bored. You find there is so much time on your hands but little energy to be creative. All those books lined up to be read? It's difficult getting involved in then plight of others. Politics since the election has taken a back seat. You have to give Obama time to find his voice as President, though he seems to be getting it right this past week.

One good thing about living in these times is the internet, a lifeline to the world outside when one is coped in. Another thing you find yourself doing is taking walks down memory lane. And then comes the magical moment when the two meet. Roaming through various Brooklyn (my hometown) blogs, the Kingston Lounge appeared and there, as if out of nowhere, was The Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital Complex, its history and stunning photos of a hospital, the hospital I was born in many years ago and one I long thought had found its end with the wrecking ball. No, instead here one can find photos of a hospital with an even older tradition than the one I'm entering tomorrow. Long before the Civil War till 1948 it served long and well. And it's still there. And it's beautiful.

Thank you Kingston Lounge for making my day this week.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Gloria. :-)
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