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Thursday, August 27, 2009
There are many very good reasons to pay tribute to the late Senator Kennedy. The best way would be to sign this Petition to the Senate: 'Ted Kennedy was a courageous champion for health care reform his entire life. In his honor, name the reform bill that passed Kennedy's health committee 'The Kennedy Bill' -- then pass it, and nothing less, through the Senate.'

Kennedy's bill includes a public health insurance option and it would be an honor to Kennedy's memory if it passed the Senate.

Better it be named the cowardly kennedy alcoholic womanizer Chappiquidick health care bill!
Here's what David Brooks wrote on Ted Kennedy in today's IHT: '...Then I would ask him about a detail from a piece of legislation many years back. Suddenly he could talk with incredible knowledge about subsection C of paragraph 6 in article 13. He was the best at handling negotiations, crafting compromises, putting together the details, understanding the various constituencies at play, divining a legislative path through committee and onto the floor. This is not the stuff of poetry but prose. It's the sort of human capital that is in short supply in Congress right now, where relatively few people know how to craft complicated legistation. ....His was the story of a callow youth who found a substantive way to perform public service.'
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