The Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) is conducting a survey devised together with the Association of American Residents Overseas (AARO) to be used as a tool to improve voting from overseas.   

They will collate all answers, and present the findings to the new Election Assistance Commission in
Washington.  They will thus be guided to improve the system where improvement is most needed.

They hope to receive hundreds of responses - for which they must count on you! 
Please use all means to circulate the survey, by e-mail or hardcopy mail.

Please drop down to the survey below the dotted line
following the sender address.
Highlight the survey questions with the curser,
klick on COPY
Klick on 'New e-mail' or 'Schreiben'
Paste the survey on to the new/empty e-mail form
fill-in all survey questions and send
directly to:

They are not limiting participation to club members: 
don't forget spouses, friends, etc. 
In fact, anyone in your American community. 
This undertaking will greatly benefit all Americans residing
abroad, and they thank you warmly for your help.

                       Overseas Voting Survey

This survey seeks to determine the actual experience of Americans
voting from overseas in the 2004 election.The findings will be collated
and passedon to the Election Assistance Commission in Washington.

NAME (Optional)_________________________Today's date _______

VOTING STATE_____________COUNTY/DISTRICT______________
1. Did you register to vote as an absentee voter in the 
    2004 election?           YES NO  
    If you answered YES, go to question # 2     
    If you answered NO, go to question # 11 (p.2)

2. Where did you get your information about voting absentee?
     ____ International media     ____ Overseas US organization
     _____FAWCO club             ____ Local media     
     ____ Political Parties          ____ Local Election District
     ____ FVAP (Federal Voting Assistance Program)

3. How did you register to vote?
    ____ By FPCA card   ____ Online FPCA  ___ Other ___

4. Did you encounter any problems in registering or receiving
    your ballot?   YES     NO
    If  YES, please check all problems  that apply and add
    explanations of special interest:

     ___ Obtaining information         ____ Confusing form   
     ___ Notary requirements           ___ Didn't know voting district  
     ___ Receiving ballot too late      ___ Other? ___________
     ___ FPCA/ballot refused (why?)

5. Did you encounter any specific problems with your local voting office? 
    Please explain

6. Did you seek help at any time from a US Consulate? 
       YES       NO
    Were you satisfied with the help you received?       
      YES       NO (Explain)

7. Did you receive your ballot in time for it to be returned and
    counted in your state?      YES                     NO

8. Did you feel the overseas voting process to be too difficult
    and onerous?   YES   NO  

9. Do you have confidence in the overseas voting process?
   Explain.         YES   NO

10. If voting by Internet could be guaranteed secure, would
      you use it?       YES   NO
      If you answered NO to question #1 and you DID NOT
      vote in the 2004 election, please answer the following

11.  You chose NOT to vote in the 2004 election because: 
       (check ALL that apply)

___ Did not know I could vote from overseas

___ Did not know where to get the information

___ For fear of tax liability in voting state

___ Did not know my voting district/last address in the U.S.

___ Lived away from the US too long/have no property there

___ Have not voted in US elections for years

___ Not interested in US politics

___ Not convinced that votes from overseas will be counted

___ Voting procedures are too onerous

___  Other? _________________________________________ 

12. Do you have confidence in the overseas voting procedures?
      YES   NO

13.  If voting by Internet could be guaranteed secure, would
      you use it?   YES   NO

Thank you for your help

Please return this form to:              


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